RECEIVING payments from customers

Paypal is a top company which allows us receive payment from any part of the world... Don't panic... even if paypal don't accept your country, i will show you how to bypass that freely with no issues... now if paypal allows your country to accept payment, you can skip the guide below to open and account with your country name, but if your country is not listed on paypal to receive payments, kindly do every thing the way i did to bypass paypal restriction

opening paypal on ban countries

( countries not allowed to use business account etc )

creating a paypal account

Where ever you see me use Nigeria, kindly use your own country, either Ghana, Kenya, Zambia or South Africa

Linking your card to Paypal to withdraw funds

Please Note i Used UBA card because i am in Nigeria, you can Link your own card if you are in Kenya, ghana or anywhere else

ways to receive money from Paypal

ways to receive money from Paypal

Creating a PayPal buy now link button

How to protect your PayPay from ban

Created by Izeogu maduabuchi Andrew AKA BonatheRipper